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Hello everyone~

This is the RP/active/sketch/etc account of Dea-89.

If you don't mind being spammed with sketches, charactersheets, quick doodles, journals, polls,... stay right where you are.

If you prefer seeing clean works only as well as tutorials and only a few journals and polls every now and then, please head toward my main gallery:


Souls of Chaos - Box

Chapter 2 - Introduction by Dea-89

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SoC .:. Talek Riffire by Dx33x
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Tagged by Fure

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2014, 7:50 AM

Was actually tagged on Facebook by her since this seems to be a facebook thing, but I'd rather do it here cause.... seriously, I barely have anyone on my private FB page who'd care about this xD;

Alright, let's do this... *hasn't been tagged in ages*

Tagged by: :iconfuresiya:

Post your 4 favorite 'past arts' and describe why they mean so much to you?

Well, first of all... I ended up picking 7.... simply because I couldn't take in one and ignoring another,... etc... so, yeah, originally it was supposed to be 4, now its 7, bear with me xD;;

From old to new:

Essence of Time-ancient by Dea-89

Essence of Time: Cover - 1
This is one of the oldest works in my gallery. I think even older than my actual gallery. I drew this in January 2007 and made my account on dA about half a month later. There are a lot of things on this picture which make me love it. Essence of Time was my very first original story which covered actually a couple thousand years of lore, my characters (and later internet name) Deamond, Helia, Callo, Ary,... for example coming from it originally. Looking back at it I realize the overall plot had MANY holes and was pretty noobish, but hey: I started it when I was 13 and it accompanied me through many years of school, hardships, bullying,... and made me gain new confidence every time I drew one of my characters, trying to imagine myself in this interesting world I created there. (Deamond and Ary => Back then when I first created them, the way I wished I was, but when I grew older they became individual characters, Deamond turning way darker for example xD; )
Anyway, what I love so much about this pic is, that it was my first cover for Essence of Time. At the same time I used Photoshop on this for the very first time, creating the bg and text with it and I was SO damn proud of it back then, you have no idea xD; I still enjoy looking back at this and especially realizing how much I improved since then. After all it's been 'only' 7 1/2 years. And only 6 1/2 years ago I started drawing digitally. 6 years ago with a tablet. 3 1/2 years ago with SAI, 2 1/2 years ago with Illust Studio and only last year with Clip Studio... Thinking about it this always feels SO far away... but really, it isn't. I'm 25 years old, so I was 18 back then. That's not that much time since. It gives me hope that even though my art time is cut short lately, I will still have a lot of improvement ahead of me the coming years.

A World worth Protecting by Dea-89

A World worth Protecting - 2010:
Another picture that means a lot to me because of the improvement is this one. On the exact same date only 1 year earlier I drew a picture called 'A World worth Protecting' and back then I was proud of that one, but the more I saw it (it was my desktop bg for a long time), the more flaws I saw and the more I thought 'hey, I can do better than that!' One year later, seeing the pic in my gallery again I decided to go for it and improve the picture. This was the result and I was and still am very proud of that progress!! The picture has so much more detail, perspective, it doesn't look as static, the hair doesn't look like a white slug crawling over the screen anymore, the background actually evoked my love for drawing clouds,... So, yes... milestone I definately love looking back on.

Rebirthing? by Dea-89

Same as above a picture I am immensely proud of because of the improvement. It is only half a year older, but DAYUM I still love the wings (which I still have trouble today to get them done as neatly as I did here xD) and the flow and shading of the dress,... not to mention the sell of its print earned me my first dA subscription. Been a subscriber ever since xD

Mairitti - Charasheet by Dea-89 -> GoA- Mairitti Calnes by Dea-89-> Mairitti Charasheet by Dx33x
Mairitti Calness:
This has less to do with the drawing but more with the character herself.
Back in 2010, an RP Group called Academy of Heroes (?) was having enrollments for teachers/moderators and a good friend who also was teacher/mod in the group back then asked if I wasn't interested in making a character and applying. I didn't think much of it back then, but ended up creating Mairitti and fell in love with her right away. I wanted her to become teacher for 'Thievery' but got declined since the other mods and admins of the group thought it wasn't very 'heroic'. I was willing to change it into spying but still wasn't matching the academy's theme enough. I liked Mai way too much to change or discard her, so I suddenly got the idea of creating my very own RP group. I was a complete noob-admin back then, no idea of how to run things,.... but Guilds-of-Aether was and still is very dear to me. I met a lot of great people in it. From suikuzu who I annoyed on Skype with 8 hours of skype calls a day xD to tofumi and resake who I had a secret shading/lineart crush on back then, to oiiChyo, Zue, JessDance, Kairi-H, Eeriah, ... and many more awesome people who I followed and stalked into other groups,... It was my first actual RP contact I ever had and I LOVED it.... sold my soul to it actually xD Most people I got to knw on dA who weren't part of the 'livestream gang' back then, I met one way or another through GoA. So I am really happy that back then I created Mairitti and even though GoA died, there are still people who really seem to love the group. By now, over 4 1/2 years passed since GoA's opening, but I learned a LOT about managing groups since then, being able to pull through with Souls-of-Chaos thanks to this experience together with my great mod and admin team, from beginning to end and managing to actually finish its storyline! Now Mairitti found a new home in Velandi in our new group Ethernitas and I sincerely hope it will be as much of a blast as back when I first created her! <3

SoC: Against Fire and Ice by Dx33x

Against Fire and Ice:
I've never been much of a fan of collaborations but this work changed my mind. I often thought that collabs just looked off... people match their style to the way -they- draw and so, often, collabs just tend to turn out... strange... I have a reaaaaal problem giving away work and all my co-admins know it xD; I'm usually the way that before a project starts I pull ALL work to myself because I know what the outcome will be that way (also because I always feel awful that others have to sacrifice their time for something like this, having trouble asking for help in general, even in irl, but that's another problem... let's not elaborate it xD;;; ). When giving work to others I'm always way too nervous. The artist can be as GREAT as they want, having heaven like skills compared to me,... but I don't know what to expect beforehand. I've seen people I commissioned rushing things just to get everything done quickly and compared to their usual works they just sucked soooo badly,... on other things I got concept that artistically were great, but I just didn't like the outcome and design. So it really needs a lot of trust from me into a -person- rather than their artistic skills to voluntarely give others 'my' work xD; It's a problem I know I have... When we started Ethernitas and had to draw the new skits etc... furesiya offered to draw the lines for the skits, and my old anxiety about giving other people 'my' work sparked again. Funny enough I had one of my 'artbooks' on the desk at that time, the page with this picture open. Back then when Fure and I wanted to draw our first real collab together, I really was nervous cause I had NO idea what expected me, but the lines were AMAZING in the end and I was really happy that I agreed on making a collab. Our styles matched together perfectly, my coloring and her lines turning out great together and I learned a LOT about shading during this actually, because I was forced doing things differently from usual. The outcome was a picture which is, up until today, still one of my very most favorite ones ever. Remembering how happy I was with the outcome of this one, I actually agreed on letting her make the skit lines for the new Ether Flash Skits (even though I still feel horrible for taking up so much of her time by making her draw these OTL *GUILTY*) while coloring them myself. I hope the outcome will be as amazing, but why don't you check out yourself when we upload our first storyflash in the group~ <3
On top of that... I think this story arc, Mereus and Ahri fighting Lalun and Procne together, was actually the start of their friendship. We set them up as arc enemies at first when introducing them to the group, hating each other since millennia, ... but here they actually had to work together for the first time for -real-, to defeat a mutual enemy. *still loves those two to bits*

SoC - The Difference by Dea-89

The Difference:
Actually... love this one for exactly the reason above: Mereus Arlen and Ahriman xD
This picture was drawn about 3/4 year later, when those two have turned from enemies to best friends. This picture represents to me the many hours Fure and I RPed every morning and evening in these 3 years that SoC lasted, letting our characters go through so many trials and drama togehter, that it turned into a 10000+ word page document eventually xD It became such a big part of my life to RP with Fure and this picture represents this bond <3

Attack of the Crimson King by Dx33x Greed and Arrogance by Dea-89

Attack of the Crimson King / Greed and Arrogance:
Another two pictures I don't like for the art but the meaning behind them. The left one started out only a few days after we finally decided for a theme for our new RP group Ethernitas, deciding that my realm would be Fire. I got the idea for Tyrant almost immediately and just HAD to draw him. That was December 2013 and ever since I've been hooked on him xD; Since SoC was still running though, I couldn't really RP him, so I thought up his story, added more details and busied myself by trying to recreate his armor as cosplay (sucking in it, by the way... now creating an armor inspired by his design //SHOT)... and eventually came up with his older brother Darios. I love love LOOOOOVE those two. After announcing Ether officially Fure and I as well as Silver-Identity started RPing those two with me and even though they are VERY hard to come along with without wanting to tear their heads off, I'm happy that those two have the patience to RP these two annoying brothers with me xD; Can't wait to actually start the story ideas I had for them when the group opens for real. SoC has ended, Ethernitas begins, and I already know it will be a great time. Talking about which...

Enrollments are still open!! *shoves you all over to Ether* //SHOT

(You really don't have to OTL *feeling bad for tagging people* //SHOT)



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